“Susy is an awesome coach! I have been coached by Susy for 12 sessions and from those sessions I have known myself better, clarified my confusion and got motivated and challenged to achieve what I thought might be a bit difficult for me to reach. Thanks to Susy for her intuitive deep coaching which made me feel supported and not-judged. Susy is fun, honest and compassionate. I would highly recommend Susy to anyone who is looking for more in his/her life!”

“Susy is a great coach she uses core energy coaching process to find the true ‘you’. She is a wise, inspiring coach with the life experience, compassion, and emotional intelligence to guide you through virtually anything. Our coaching sessions together were my ‘Hour of power’. I have removed ‘I have to’ and ‘I can’t’ from my vocabulary so I am no longer a people pleaser. Susy has a wonderful sense of humour.”

“My whole life I have been gifted with the tools to hold my world together.  Even in troubled times, like my parents’ divorce, or premature loss of my beloved Dad, I have been able to hold a brave face.  Last year, my cup overflowed and I started to become a shadow of my former self.  I needed help.  For all reasons that I cannot explain, Susy showed up at that precise moment.  We met.  We talked and talked.  We cried.  We mended and built anew.  And my life has been happily and productively and purposefully on track ever since.  Entering into couselling was not easy for me.  I’m the girl who could hold it together, right?  Counselling seemed like admitting my failures in my abilities to cope.  In the comforts of Susy’s space, it took one session for me to trustfully slip into the process of talking, listening, understanding, reflecting, forgiving, and rebuilding.  My role as wife, mother and daughter is forever changed for the better, and I blame Susy for my current happiness.  I am convinced she is my guardian angel.”

“Susy, thank you so much for all you have done for me.  You have been fabulous and amazingly intuitive and have helped me immeasurably.  You are so talented in your profession! I could not have come this far without you.” 

“Counselling helped me to speak about my family history and I felt Susy could understand where I was coming from, which was a great relief for me. It definitely helped.”

“I no longer felt a sense of isolation that comes with being in a relationship with someone who has serious depression.  Susy’s knowledge and understanding of depression and mental health services was very helpful.” 

“Without Bristol Mind, there is a strong possibility that I would not be here today.  A truly amazing service, which my counsellor, Susy, delivered with compassion.  I will be forever grateful.”

“Susy, thank you so much for the past year. I feel like a completely different person and my life has changed beyond recognition and I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“I soon felt at ease with Susy and able to allow my full emotions to pour out. She gently allowed me to see my relationship break-up in a less negative way, a first step on a difficult recovery. I would whole-heartedly recommend Susy as a professional, kind counsellor.”

“Dear Susy, A big massive ‘Thank You’ for our journey together and for being such an open-minded, open-hearted counsellor.  It was an amazing experience.  I am doing well -things still moving slowly, but definitely in a good direction.”

“Susy, I just had a sudden urge to say ‘thank you’ for everything – with your help, I have become a more confident and happy person, and for that I will be forever grateful. I can look forward to my new job with excitement and not trepidation.  You’re a wonderful person and you’ve had such a positive impact on my life – thank you so much.”

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